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Joel Barker

Joel Barker

At this moment, Multnomah County Democrats (MCD) needs a Communications Officer with expertise in digital communications, ready to work with the party’s diverse voices. I am prepared to serve and ask for your vote at the January 13 meeting.

I believe in effective, ethical, and authentic communications.

In the company I started nine years ago, Lion’s Way, I develop messaging and build cohesive teams of experts.

I was a leader of in the development the MCD midterm microsite, extending our digital presence.

My communications plan to move MCD forward includes:
* Digital tools for internal and public-facing communication
* Strategic and dynamic social media presence to support initiatives such as NLP and candidate recruitment
* Messaging to engage GOTV and voter registration
* Healthy, authentic communications to foster diverse coalitions

Endorsements include:
* Lurelle Robbins, current MCD Chair
* Ami Fox, outgoing MCD Communications Officer
* Michael Smith, outgoing MCD Technology Officer
* Robin Stevens, District 43 PCP and member of Nasty Women (NWGSD)
* KC Hanson, former MCD Chair

As Communications Officer, I will use my experience to extend our reach to more voters (particularly new and non-affiliated voters), candidates, and volunteers in the years ahead. I ask for your vote on January 13.

Taraneh A. Fultz, APR

Taraneh A. Fultz, APR

Taraneh Fultz, APR, is a thirtysomething millennial who loves PR, hates the snow, and makes the best baklava – ever. When she’s not waiting in line at one of Portland’s best brunch spots, watching re-runs of Parks and Recreation with her family (the dog loves Leslie Knope), or reading Jane Austen fan fiction, she’s putting her communications expertise to use – at work and in the community. In the last five years, she has chaired three different boards — two in the PR industry and one representing women leaders at her organization — and she’d like to put that experience to use in service of Democrats in Multnomah County.

Taraneh is a senior field marketing analyst at Cambia Health Solutions, is Accredited in public relations by the Universal Accreditation Board, and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from the University of Oregon. The Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Portland Chapter awarded her their 2007 New Professional of the Year.

Taraneh lives in Southeast Portland with her husband, daughter and dog, and she is a founding member of the Ambassador Board of Albertina Kerr, Oregon’s oldest non-profit. Find her on Twitter @taranehfultz.

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The MultnomahDemocrats need youto define our future

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