Common Questions About Leadership and the County Party Organization Meeting

Every two years (after even-year elections), Oregon’s county Democratic parties elect new officers. Officially, under the bylaws, it is called an Organization Meeting. Party jargon has developed so that now it’s informally called a reorganization or the reorg.

Through the election of new officers and delegates, the reorg helps set Party direction and priorities for the next two years and election cycle. By attending, voting, and if you choose, running for office, you can use your voice to help shape the Party’s future.

Proceedings are set to start at 1pm on Saturday, January 23, 2021.

We plan to begin online credentialing at noon.

The 2021 Reorg will be held via Zoom, our video conferencing service. You may register for the event by visiting our RSVP page and scrolling down to the registration form. Upon completion of the registration form you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join our meeting.

Note: Please register for the Reorg meeting with the same email you use for your Zoom account.

Starting at 12pm on January 23rd you may join our meeting via the Zoom app or on your preferred web browser by visiting https://zoom.us/signin and logging in with your Zoom email and password. Once logged in, simply (a) use the meeting link provided in the registration confirmation email or (b) manually enter the meeting ID and meeting code provided in the registration confirmation email when prompted.

If you do not have access to Zoom, or prefer not to use it, you may join our meeting by dialing in to one of our dedicated phone lines. Details for this option will be provided in your registration confirmation email.

Elected and appointed PCPs are the governing body of the Multnomah Democrats, referred to as the Central Committee. A PCP represents the Party in the precinct in which they reside. They vote on all party matters, help register votes, get the word out on candidates, and connect with neighbors. If you are interested in becoming a PCP, or if you’d just like more information, visit Become a Precinct Committee Person on the Multnomah Democrats main website.

Nope! You do not have to be a PCP, but your voter registration must be at your current address, and you must be registered as a Democrat.

Only PCPs are authorized to vote. PCPs who were elected in the May 2020 Primary may vote for Multnomah Democrats officers, State Central Committee delegates, and delegates to the Congressional District Committee where they live. Appointed PCPs cannot vote in the election for Multnomah Democrats officers, but they may vote in state and congressional district delegate elections.

There are 21 SCC Delegates and 21 alternates. The chair and first vice chair are, automatically elected the first two of the 21 delegates.

In Multnomah county, CD1 has 3 delegates and 3 alternates. CD3 has 18 delegates and 18 alternates. CD5 has 2 delegates and 2 alternates.

For any technical issues, contact our Technology Officer, Aaron Levine, at technology@multdems.org

The Multnomah Democrats need YOU to define our future

We need your vision and your energy to achieve change.

Join us January 23