2nd Vice Chair Candidate Statements

Multnomah Democrats Officers

Michael C Smith

Michael C Smith

As a lifelong Democrat and a member of SEIU 503, I believe the strength of our democratic institutions is our best defense against Trumpian authoritarianism. As MCD’s Technology Officer, I established a Tech Team that modernized our web presence, upgraded our office equipment, and migrated email to better hosting. As alternate delegate to SCC, I advocated for gun safety policies including permit-to-purchase, and for curbing ICE’s human rights abuses.

As Second Vice Chair, I will build a better system for sharing PCP and volunteer information within the Party. I will credential meetings so that all, including the Credentials Committee, may participate as per Robert’s Rules. I will execute my duties impartially, without respect to faction or prefered candidate.

As SCC delegate, I will stand for an open, more inclusive State Party, that treats primary candidates with greater impartiality. I will advocate for better training resources for county parties, open primaries, universal healthcare, proven gun safety reforms, POC and LGBT rights, and green infrastructure to reduce carbon pollution.

Endorsed by:
State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
Travis Nelson, DNC Delegate
Rachelle Dixon, VC1, Multnomah Democrats
Michelle Risher, DPO LGBT Caucus Chair
Cynthia Yolland, District Leader, HD 44
Lisa Morrison, District Leader, HD 46

Will Ganschow

Will Ganschow

I’m going to keep this brief because you are busy. I have a broad range of life experiences. I have organized many things. Recently I played an important role in helping the registered nurses of OHSU achieve Magnet Status. Vote for me if you want this job done well in a practical manner.

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