Multnomah Democrats Officers

Any citizen of Multnomah County registered to vote as a Democrat is eligible to hold any officer position of the Central Committee. If you're interested in steering the party through 2022, one of these positions could be a match for your skills. Here's your chance to be more involved.

The Administrative Committee

The Officer positions make up the Administration Committee of the Multnomah Democrats. These officers conduct the day-to-day business of the party and undertake urgent business as necessary. The Administration Committee has very limited powers. Under Oregon law, the governing body of the party is the Central Committee (PCPs).

Officers do administrative work. It is the day-to-day work and clerical work that makes the party function. A constant stream of volunteers must be recruited so that work can be delegated. Some officers form work-group committees, and some officers have regular volunteers they rely on to complete certain tasks. This can be fun, but remember, volunteers often have limited time. Ultimately, if someone else doesn’t do the work, it falls upon your shoulders. As an officer, you need to make a serious time commitment.

The workload can be heavy because the work needs to be done to keep the party operating. Having the skill set appropriate to the position and being able to engage in teamwork with fellow officers is key. If someone is unable or unwilling to fulfill their elected office, one or more of the other officers will have to do it for them instead. Be sure you are willing to take on the work and time commitments of an officer position.

You can read the formal requirements of each position in the Bylaws of the Multnomah Democrats (PDF).

To nominate yourself for any open position:

  • You must be a Multnomah County resident and registered as a Democrat with the Oregon Secretary of State office.
  • Nominations are being accepted through this form until 8:00 PM on January 9th 2021.

The Officer Positions


Duties: The CHAIR calls and presides over Central Committee and Executive Committee meetings and serves as the party’s spokesperson and represents Multnomah County as an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Candidate Statements are now available.

1st Vice Chair

Duties: The FIRST VICE CHAIR oversees PCP training, represents Multnomah County as an automatic delegate to the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Oregon, and replaces the Party chair when the chair is unable to serve.

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2nd Vice Chair

Duties: The SECOND VICE CHAIR manages PCP records, verifies the credentials of PCPs to vote at party meetings, and chairs the Credentials Committee.

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Duties: The TREASURER has the custodial oversight of Party funds, maintains required financial records, and submits required financial reports.

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Recording Secretary

Duties: The RECORDING SECRETARY records and archives the Minutes of Central Committee, Executive Committee, and Administration Committee meetings.

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Communications Officer

Duties: The COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER develops and implements a plan for the party’s internal and external communications.

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Technology Officer

Duties: The TECHNOLOGY OFFICER maintains the electronic and online assets of the party and assists other officers, standing committees, and district leaders in maintaining or disseminating information.

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The Multnomah Democrats need YOU to define our future

The MultnomahDemocrats need youto define our future

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