On January 23rd, Multnomah Democrats will elect the leaders who will take us through 2024. Why participate? A political party is more than a list of platform policies. A party is only as strong as the people who step up to give their talents and time to a collective vision for our future. All county Democrats are eligible to run for Party positions. One of the best ways to have an impact is to put your name on the line and run to shape your community’s future.

Fight for a Common Vision

The mission of the Multnomah Democrats is to engage and share our resources with the people of our county to empower them to raise their voices through their votes and community actions.

We invite all registered county Democrats to join us. Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are the governing body of the party. We are all leaders, and we fight for:

  • A healthy, sustaining environment
  • Affordable healthcare
  • A secure future through strengthened Medicare and Social Security
  • Honest and fair elections—the ability to vote and know your vote will be counted
  • Fair wages and the freedom to bargain for them
  • Unbiased enforcement of our laws and respect for diversity
  • Shelter for ourselves and our families

Who We're Electing

This is the meeting where Multnomah Democrats elect our leaders through 2024. It’s time to select the district and state delegates and county party officers who will guide the Multnomah Democrats through the next two years. You can read about the elected officer and delegate positions here:

Want to be a Leader?

Nominate yourself! If you are interested in a delegate or officer position, raise your hand and declare your candidacy.  You can share your vision through this website and at the 2023 Democratic Party Organization Meeting.  If you win, your commitment will help to shape the Multnomah Democrats through 2024.


It's Time to Step Up and Lead

Get Involved