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Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine

I’m Aaron Levine and I’m running for MultCoDems Technology Officer and 3rd CD Delegate. I work in web development with a background in Programming/Data Management, and have been a member of the Technology Committee since January 2017. I’m also captain of the Web Team subcommittee.

Since the last Re-org, Tech/Comm has transformed how MCD operates online and interacts with our fellow constituents. Our achievements include:

– Re-establishing web presence for current generation
– Enhancing voter outreach/education
– Strengthening fundraising efforts
– Encouraging best Tech practices
– Touting our party’s work in the community

While we have “reset” the role of Technology and laid the groundwork for a comprehensive web presence, our work is not done. As Tech Officer, I will:

– Continue to meet technological needs of our party
– Roll out enhanced mobile-friendly website/internal email server
– Utilize Tech to Keep Oregon Blue into the Next Decade
– Support progressive ideals of the party
– Help encourage participation from current and new volunteers
– Implement Best Practices
– Take our technological expertise statewide

The Technology Committee has an ambitious agenda for the next two years. I hope you will vote Aaron Levine for Technology Officer/3rd CD Delegate.

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