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Aaron Levine
Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine

I’m grateful to have served as your Technology Officer during some of the most challenging times in Multnomah County’s history. We had to transform all of our party’s operations into a virtual and socially-distanced experience, and I’m proud to have helped in this transition. The successful rollout of our virtual Central Committee meetings was a heartwarming experience, particularly during those dark times early in the pandemic–and our attendance ballooned to nearly 200 MultDems. After a summer spent supporting the BLM movement and peaceful protest, we hosted our first ever drive-in comedy night–and we broadcast it online. Then, seeing a need for the distribution of hundreds of yard signs, we built the Multdems online shop–and became the top seller of Biden/Harris signs across the state. I’m running for Technology Officer to continue the momentum we’ve built and ensure that the party’s leadership has a solid and reliable support team to fulfill our party’s progressive platform.

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