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Jil Heimensen

Jil Heimensen

I am respectfully asking for your vote for Treasurer of the Multnomah Democrats and for SCC Delegate. I’ve been the Secretary of the 3rd CD Committee since 2014, am very active on the Platform, Resolutions, and Legislation Committee, was Chair of the last two Platform Conventions, and was chair of the 2017 Celsi Celebration Committee. This election cycle, I knocked on 2,000 doors for Janelle Bynum in HD 51, Anna Williams in 52, and Chrissy Reitz in SD 26.

My qualifications for Treasurer include a B.S. in economics and a master’s degree in public policy with an emphasis in law and policy from Portland State University, with relevant coursework in public budgeting and public contract management. My current position at the League of Oregon Cities (LOC) involves accounting work in Quickbooks for the LOC and affiliate organizations. In addition, my role involves the preparation of a standard operating procedures (SOP) manual for the LOC, which includes procedures for LOC accounting processes. If elected Treasurer, one my goals is to prepare a SOP manual for the Multnomah County Democrats to provide guidance for future Treasurers of the party.

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