1st Vice Chair Candidate Statements

Multnomah Democrats Officers

Catherine Thomasson

Catherine Thomasson

The Democratic Party must be the active force to create sound social supports, freedom from discrimination and a just transition to a green energy economy to address human dignity and survival. I believe that transparent organizing in the Democratic Party via engaging the community, electing officials and holding them accountable to the principles and articles in our platform will achieve our vision.

Our PCPs and Neighborhood Leaders are our outward face. I will partner with the District Leaders and Neighborhood Leaders Program to develop the tools needed to engage their neighbors on issues targeted by our Platform and Campaign Committees. New PCP and NLP training will occur quarterly within districts.

I will work with DL’s to increase active engagement of elected officials with district, precinct and neighborhood leaders. We will develop a coordinated plan with our work groups for active, inclusive recruitment and continue to advance initiatives for full voter participation.

• District 45 PCP and the current Multnomah County office coordinator.
• Retired executive director of National Physicians for Social Responsibility
• Thirty year history of working on climate, environmental health, health care for all and peace and justice issues.
• Retired primary care physician working in the community for 25 years.

Rachelle Dixon

Rachelle Dixon

I am asking for your support in continuing the very important work as an officer in the Party as Vice Chair 1 and as a CD Delegate. In 2017, I promised to be a bridge builder and I have done just that. I have used my background in Instructional Design to create training for PCP’s that was fresh and relevant to the role. I helped expand our reach by forming the First Democratic group in the Pacific Northwest committed to Social Justice. I created the first functioning Women’s Committee in the last decade and launched the study group that will become our very own Young Democrat Club.

I spoke truth to power in resolutions I wrote on expunging marijuana misdemeanors and addressing police brutality. I became a part of a functional Administration and Executive team. I helped to revise the bylaws for CD 3.

We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go. I see more that I can do to aid our Party. Facing 2020, we need experienced officers that can build bridges in every part of the city and I am a bridge builder. Please vote for me to continue our progress forward.

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The Multnomah Democrats need YOU to define our future

The MultnomahDemocrats need youto define our future

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